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Purple Vegan Momma is a Movement! When health and knowledge are in an optimal state, we become empowered. All goods and content encourage, teach, and support healthy living. The way nature intended.

Purple Vegan Momma is powered by a woman. A vegan, home-birthing, speech-language pathologist WOMAN.

How do you empower people to reclaim control over their health and happiness? Start with the children. 


I had a purple wig from Halloween 2018 when my husband was Black Panther and I was Vibranium (the precious metal).  Nothing is by accident though.  The color purple is associated with royalty, power, ambition, wisdom, dignity, independence etc. This is what I want my business, my brand, my message to be! We are royalty! We have the power, the food, the medicine at our fingertips if we can summon the strength to break away from the line, the courage to trust our innate wisdom, the fearlessness to live a dignified independent and self-sufficient life!


I am a proud vegan and plant loving woman.



I have 3 beautiful boys that I gave birth to at home with a midwife and one beautiful bonus daughter. 

This is PurpleVeganMomma.


If nobody has told you yet today, I love you my #purplepeople

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